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For over 35 years, Sedation Dental Group proudly serves patients from Sandy Hill and greater Ottawa area with a comprehensive list of dental services with a large focus on helping those:

  • with dental fear and anxiety (including children 2 years of age and older)
  • who require a significant amount of dental work but have little time
  • who are individuals with special needs (including children 2 years of age and older)
  • who are simply looking for a quality dentist

Achieving optimal oral health goes beyond your smile. It helps improve your overall health and even your experiences with various local events and local businesses in this very community of downtown ottawa in which you work and/or live. Helping our patients enjoy more in the neighbourhood, including restaurants, spas, recreational centres, parks such as Strathcona Park, heading down to get some baked good at the RIdeau Bakery, having breakfast at Fathers n’ Sons, or checking out what’s playing at the Ottawa Little Theatre, or get some youthful vibes at the University of Ottawa. Take a visit with your new smile to some of Ottawa most famous historical elements such as the Laurier House. It is with great pride that we are able to make a positive impact in so many areas of their lives.

We believe passion & interests drive high quality work. It is why we are proud that we support all members of our team of dentists pursue their individual areas of interest. This allows us to provide our patients with the freedom and options to address their unique dental needs. When a specialist’s services are required, we refer to a carefully selected list of periodontists, endodontists and oral surgeons that work well with our patients’ unique needs.

Services we offer our patients from the Sandy Hill and and Greater Ottawa Area are: