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Our Standards

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Professional Development

Before we can provide any real value to our patients, we have to ensure we have all the skills and experience to provide the quality dental care we believe our patients deserve in a comfortable and safe environment. We want to be the trusted source for dental care here in Ottawa, especially for patients who have mild to severe dental fear and anxiety. We ensure our team undergoes continuing education, study groups, and ongoing practical mentorship training.

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Team development

We believe that the patient experience is a major part of the dental care they receive – from being compassionate to highly organized. It is why our administrative staff are carefully selected to offer you the highest level of customer care. Our team continually finds ways to improve our communication and education with patients.

dental patient learning about the procedure

Patient Education

Dentistry is a complex field with many options which can often make it challenging for patients to choose the best care for them as well as their family. Leveraging over 35 years of experience and continued professional development, we aim to be the source where patients in Ottawa and surrounding areas can trust for education around dental care. We compare this to fixing a car – the more you know about each option and how much better the car will be, the better you can decide on which option will best solve your dental concerns and reach optimal oral health.