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The dental industry is one that is rightfully focused on patient care. Offering optimal treatment solutions and promoting preventative care must be the first priority in any practice. Our team here in Ottawa is no different.

We pursue a rigorous regimen of continuing education programs in order to provide our patients with a calibre of care that we can be proud of. We are big proponents of preventative dentistry and patient education. We try to help our patients realize their important role in achieving and maintaining excellent oral health.

When a course of treatment is required, our team takes every step to ensure that our patients are aware of and understand the various treatment options that are available and their respective benefits and potential shortcomings. We make treatment recommendations but are comfortable knowing that as long as our patients are fully informed about the options available, they will be able to make decisions that are right for them.

Our Mission & Values

We strive to make optimal dental care accessible to everyone. We are committed to customizing the service that we provide to meet the unique requirements of each individual patient.