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IV conscious sedation is the most powerful and effective sedation technique available to general dental practices. A sedation dentist will introduce intravenous drugs into the bloodstream to help patients relax and adopt a carefree attitude, even when faced with situations that would normally be quite stressful. Because they are so deeply relaxed, most patients end up falling asleep during their dental appointments!

IV sedation provides anti-anxiety sedatives that allow patients that are either anxious when it comes to dentistry, have a severe gag reflex or have unusual reactions to traditional local anaesthetics to receive necessary dental care and maintain better oral health.

IV sedation allows the sedation dentist to administer local anaesthetic and proceed with a normal course of treatment without having the patient experience any emotional or physical distress.

It is not uncommon for patients to have complete or partial memory loss for the period of time immediately after the intravenous drugs take effect, right until the end of the appointment.

It is important to note that patients that are undergoing IV sedation are required to have a travel companion to help ensure that they get home safely.

Due to the nature of the intravenous drugs that are used, dentists wanting to provide sleep dentistry must undergo a rigorous training regimen to become certified. Once certified, the sanctioning body (RCDSO) closely regulates their practitioners to ensure that patient care always remains the primary focus. It is why we are proud to be the Dental Sedation Group here in Ottawa.