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One of the most accessible and often overlooked keys to a more stunning smile is simply enhancing its natural colour. Our teeth are subjected to a wide array of staining ingredients (such as coffee, tea or red wine) on a daily basis and this takes a huge toll on the “brightness” of your smile.

We offer take-home teeth whitening kits that allow you to restore your smile to its full radiance within two weeks. Although the take home kits take a little time to yield full results, we have decided to offer them rather than the in-office bleaching kits. Generally, take home kits do not dry out the teeth as much as the bleaching lights used in the in-office approach. This, in turn decreases the level of sensitivity that is reported with this course of treatment.

Our patients are amazed at the stunning results when they compare their smile in pictures before and after the treatment. Given the impressive results, it is not surprising that whitening is most popular just before special occasions such as weddings, anniversary parties and the holiday season.