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Here at Sedation Dental Group we want your experience to be as worry-free as possible. We provide dental care which involves the care, cleaning, repair and maintenance of your teeth and gums. We know how important your smile is to you, and we want to be the reason it is radiant. By combining oral care at home with regular checkups and repair, your smile will last.

We understand each of our patients are unique, and their circumstances are also unique. Whether you need a simple checkup, or have had an injury that requires dental reconstruction, we are here to help. Our team provides the basics such as exams, x-rays, fillings, cleanings and so forth. We also provide services beyond the basics, such as extractions, dental veneers, partial/complete dentures, crowns, bridges, restorative implants and more.

No matter your history or circumstances, we provide quality care, compassion and service to help you achieve or maintain a beautiful smile. By scheduling regular appointments with us and maintaining a regular dental care regime at home, you will have worry-free visits.