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Sleep Dentistry Ottawa

Sedation techniques have made dental care available in Ottawa to all those that need it.

Despite having made oral health accessible to a large number of people, the unfortunate reality is that most still don’t know about this option. Although sedation in dentistry is not a new phenomenon, it has somehow managed to avoid mainstream awareness.

We will explain the different types of sedation and their benefits, however the first question that needs to be addressed is WHO can benefit?

The answer to that is fairly broad and all-encompassing. Generally speaking, sedation dentistry can benefit people that:

  • Are anxious or afraid to visit their dental office
  • Have had a traumatic experience with a dentist in the past
  • Have a very sensitive gag reflex
  • Are embarrassed about their smile
  • Have a strong aversion to needles
  • Have difficulty in experiencing the full effects of traditional anaesthesia
  • Require longer or more invasive procedures
  • Have difficulty with or have a limited opening of the jaw