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There is a common and stealthy enemy that knows precisely how to destroy your enamel: tooth decay. Adults have much to be concerned about with tooth decay, for many reasons.

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Our team understands that the very nature of an emergency is inconvenience. As your dedicated family dental healthcare providers, we’re here for you in these stressful times.

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It hides in your mouth, destroying gum tissue and teeth, and it can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and pregnancy complications. Don’t think it’s your problem? Conservative estimates report that up to 80 percent of the population unknowingly has gum disease in some form.

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Oral cancer, which claims the lives of 8,000 Americans each year, is painless, sneaky, and often undetected until it has spread to the neck and lymph nodes. If oral cancer is detected in the early stage, patients are more likely to survive. Our office screens for oral cancer at every check up.

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You may not realize that even when your mouth is clean, bacteria lurk in the warm, damp cave, growing and eating incessantly. An extra two or three minutes spent flossing each day can give you a huge advantage in the war against those bad bacteria.

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You probably brush daily, and you may even floss your teeth, but did you know that proper dental homecare can protect you from pain, cavities, and potential overall health problems, including cardiovascular disease and stroke?

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Nerves in your mouth and jaw function differently than nerves in other parts of your body. One small dental problem can cause pain in a large area. Learn why dental pain is unique and how to get to the root of oral pain problems.

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See through dental X-rays concerns to learn the truth behind the myths.

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