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Sedation dentistry has opened a new door for many people that have avoided visiting with a dentist.

People that have suffered from anxiety, fear or even a strong phobia associated with the dental industry, now have an avenue available to them to recover, maintain and protect their oral health.

For over thirty five years, our team has welcomed patients in Ottawa and surrounding areas that have suffered from fear, a severe gag reflex, an increased sensitivity to pain or who were simply ashamed of having been unable to maintain their oral health. We have helped them reclaim control over their well being and smile through understanding, education and an uncompromising attention to patient care.

Sedation dentistry is not needed by everyone, and we are proud to care for many patients that are perfectly comfortable with the idea of a dental appointment. But for those people that require the additional comfort that is provided through IV sedation, we understand your needs and can accommodate them without question.

Some of our patients have previously tried oral sedation or laughing gas and were unable to achieve the level of comfort that they needed to go through with a course of treatment. For them, we offer the next level of sedation services with IV sedation. IV sedation dentistry allows our particularly anxious patients to receive the care that they need without worry or fear.